Tuition Details...

After 16 years of joyful family music-making - we are proud to continue providing the highest quality music program in the city! 

Tuition below is automatically PRORATED when you register online. Materials ($45/fall, $40/summer) are NOT prorated. 




*A one-time-only fee of $20 will be added for new families.  Babies Intro class - new family fee is waived.
* Materials are included, music classes are tax exempt.  


MIXED AGE (0-4yrs) or BABIES (0-7mos ) - $235 for 10 weeks with the new "STICKS" Song Collection 
First Child:  $19/class plus $45 materials 
Siblings:  $18/class, no materials, for SIBLINGS over 10 months at start of class. 

RHYTHM KIDS (4-6yrs) - $253 for 10 weeks with the new "TIGER" collection.

First child:  $19/class plus materials.   
Sibling:  $19/class, no materials.   All siblings must be at least 4 years of age!


CLASS MATERIALS:  As part of the larger International Music Together Worlwide® organization out of Princeton NJ, we pay a Service Fee to the parent company for every family that is enrolled with us and in exchange, we receive the exceptional class curriculum materials that we provide to you. Our class materials (CD, child-focused Songbook, digital music files, Free App & "Music & Your Child" educational guide) vary in cost to us depending on the U.S. exchange rate which currently puts them at around $53.  We price them at $45 ($40 in the summer) and do not pass along this increase to our families. This cost is included in the total tuition for the first registered child only.  We do NOT make a profit on these materials!   


                                        HERE'S WHY WE'RE WORTH IT!  

Our classes run for a FULL 45 minutes - nothing but music!  We allow 15 minutes in between classes for families to come and go in order to maximize the paid music time. We do not run classes on long weekends or other times of the year when we feel most people won't be able to attend and we offer a generous make up class policy of three classes per term...all in an effort to maximize your child's opportunity to benefit from experiencing the whole semester!

The class materials (CDs, Songbook and digital music files) are part of our Educational Curriculum each semester and tied directly to your child's experiences in class throughout the, they are adored by children and adults for years after the semester is over :-)    We have 9 different song collections.

Come and experience what a high-quality, early-childhood music education can give your family.  We look forward to Making Music Together with you and your child!