A testimonial we love to share...

"My two grandchildren , ages 16 months and 3 years, participated in your superlative program at St. Clements Church in North Toronto, this summer. Laura was their teacher. As I hold a doctorate in education, I feel well qualified to comment on your program. It was excellent. In spite of the age range of children attending, from infant to toddler, all activities were appropriate and inclusive. A variety of activities that included body movement, singing, repetition, Orf- based techniques were well presented, structured to fit the amount of time. Laura's interaction with the children and instruction spoke to a sensitivity of the children as well as to her developing and structuring a program that built and reinforced each week's offering. 

The CD that came with the classes also impacted on the children's ease and familiarity of rhymes and songs. 

It was a delight to watch my 16 month old granddaughter begin to truly engage and imitate actions to songs that Laura was presenting.She created an environment in which children are free to move, but also stop to listen and follow direction, putting aside musical instruments or return the parachute, when required. 

Over the years with my own three children, I have attended with them at independent, Orf- based, and Conservatory programs. In my view, Making Music Together deserves special attention because it succeeds on so many educative levels. If Laura is an example of your other teachers, there is no surprise that you are making such a contribution to children's desire to examine, engage and pursue the incredible world that only The Arts can offer."

Many thanks, Dr. Patricia Goldblatt