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St. Timothy's Church - YORK MILLS & YONGE

100 Old Orchard Grove
Toronto, ON M5M 2E2


The Church of St. Timothy is at 100 Old Orchard Grove and Ridley Blvd.
Old Orchard Grove runs west off of Yonge Blvd. which connects with Yonge Street, north of Lawrence and south of York Mills (across from the Loblaws).
There is parking on both side streets.  

Please enter the Church through the nothernmost MAIN DOORS with the coloured fence on Ridley Blvd.  Strollers can be left on the pathway leading up to those doors, along the fence.  

NEW CLASSROOM!   Go up the short flight of stairs, through the glass doors and follow the hallway to the left and around to the right, to the opposite side of the building (do not cut through the gym).   The room is off the narrow hallway to the right of the elevator.  It is called the LOFT (the door just before the Nursery).   Head upstairs.

During wet weather please leave all boots and shoes in the Cloakroom across from the gym by the main entrance.