Music Together Online is a hit!

We are so grateful to our devoted families for riding through this wave of change with us!  We thank them for their heartfelt comments, helpful suggestions and for bringing us into their homes to make music.  You have lifted our spirits and filled our hearts! 
Risa Waldman,  Making Music Together Owner/Director 

Here's what parents have said about their experience with our Music Together classes Online!
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"In these crazy times, it’s been such a comfort to have the routine of music class from the safety of our homes. I wasn’t sure how it work, but it’s been beautiful! We miss being together in person, but are so thankful for the opportunity to be together virtually. Our first class I started tearing up during the Hello Song thinking about families all over the community singing in unison from our homes!"  

"Surprisingly good experience; we limit screen time in our family so we were slightly worried at first, but this has been very positive experience for us all. Thank you!"

"Just keep up the great work! Thank you for making the transition to online so quickly and so successfully! It's great to be part of the Making Music Together community."

"Everything has been amazing. We are so happy to have found you!"   

"Thank you so much for the work you've done to keep the music going, it's really been such a source of comfort for us!"

"Thank you for going above and beyond. We appreciate the daily classes so much as an important part of our daily routine."

"We are very thankful for the online possibilities and really enjoy it, as long as personal classes are not possible we really like this option, thank you!"

"I love MT! I’ve done it with my son since he was a baby and this is the first time he’s singing along to the songs - can see the musical love come out!"